Light/Blonde Roast

Light - Blonde Roast

The coffee begins to truly smell like coffee and is actually drinkable. Coffee is frequently roasted to this level for cupping purposes as the origin can be really tasted. If you really want to be able to tell the difference between two coffees, roast them to this level and taste them side by side. Commercial roasters do not usually roast this light.

Light/Medium City Roast

Light/Medium - City Roast

We love medium roast so much, we have 2! In this roast there will be zero oil on the beans. Most commercial roasters call this “light” coffee, we like a little more control. Individual characters of the coffee are dominant with very little taste of the roast process.  We recommend this if you really want to taste the particular notes in coffee

Medium/Dark Full City Roast

Medium/Dark - Full City

The beans will be not oily to just having spots of oil.  Full City is what is most commonly referred to as “medium” roast, Full City+ edges into the dark side. There should be a balanced mixture between the individual flavor of the coffee and the taste of roasting. We recommend this roast for most coffees as it gives the best of both worlds

Dark/Vienna Roast

Dark - Vienna Roast

Dark roast territory leaves an unmistakable oil on most of the beans. There will be more and more smokey taste to the coffee. Beans will taste more like the actual roasting process flavors and little original flavor. Although this can be a great roast level if you like your coffee to be less bright, most beans loose most of their flavor.