Coffee of the Month Club

[sns_key_features title=”Coffee of the Month Club” key_featrues_image=”2527″][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” text_align=”right” title=”Flexible Subscriptions” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”2508″ desc=”Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Subscriptions PLUS – discounts when paid in full!”][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” title=”The Gift of Coffee” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”1541″ desc=”Coffee subscriptions make the perfect gift for any coffee lover.”][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” text_align=”right” title=”Ridiculously Fresh” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”2510″ desc=”We roast coffee daily to bring you a fresh roast every time!”][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” title=”Your Choice of Roast Level” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”2509″ desc=”Choose Light, Medium, Medium-Dark or Dark Roast”][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” text_align=”right” title=”Choose Your Grind” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”2511″ desc=”We offer Regular, Coarse and Espresso Grind”][sns_custom_box box_template=”style3″ link=”” title=”The Choice is Yours” title_color=”#333333″ icon_image=”1545″ desc=”You can get our coffee of the month or choose your favorite.”][/sns_key_features]