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Established in 2018, Daily Adventure Coffee Company was created out of a simple passion for coffee.   
After learning how to roast coffee from Master Roaster; Christian in Guatemala, we started roasting coffee for guests at our lodge.  The guests started requesting coffee to take home with them and beyond, so we created an online store.  In addition, our coffee is available in bulk at a couple of local shops.

We try extremely hard to keep our roasts small and personal. Most of our orders are roasted to order… coffee does not sit on the shelf here!  

We get excited about new beans, new harvests, unique family farms and perfecting each and every roast. 

Daily Adventure Coffee in a tent


“I used to add cream and sugar to my coffee, but now, I enjoy it black because it’s so mild and smooth! Thank you!”
Sabrina R.

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We take pride in supporting small farms. Thank you for supporting our small business.

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  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • DR Congo
  • Kenya
  • Peru
  • Guatemala
  • Rwanda
  • Ethiopia
  • Honduras
  • Tanzania

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