Everything Has a Beginning

I think it was sometime in early 2017…

We sat outside on the front porch of the Hisega Lodge on a beautiful morning contemplating the day’s adventure.
We had a map, the roar of the creek and a cup of coffee.

“The only way this could be better is if we actually roasted our own coffee.”

I was only kidding, but the seed was planted.

We all know, that whatever adventure lie ahead for the day, how it starts is important.

Fast forward to March of 2018, we attended “coffee school” at Ensoluna in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (we have a knack for adventure).

We spent time visiting farms, tasting coffee of all varieties, learning what’s good, what’s bad & why, we came to respect the culture of coffee and of Guatemala. After many hours of real time roasting experience with the master roaster, Christian, we gained invaluable knowledge. 

Now, it’s time for that fresh roasted coffee!
We started roasting the summer after our return, it’s taken some time to perfect our roasts and understand out roaster.

We’ve become pretty passionate about making sure it’s the best it can be and now we’d like to share it with you.



Who Are We?

We are Daily Adventure Coffee Company.

We are eager to share our passion for roasting coffee with you.

We believe in some pretty simple things…

Adventures can be big or small, but are ESSENTIAL.

Life is better when you SHARE.

Friends and family ARE important. 
(cats and dogs included)

Socks do NOT have to match.

Rainbow is a color.

And… There is such a thing as BETTER coffee.

Meet Our Team

Tara Flanery

Daily Adventure Coffee Tara Flanery
Coffee Bean Curator

Mike Flanery

Master of Numbers
Master of Numbers


Stray Bean Vacuum
Stray Bean Vacuum